WebVR Content Kit

Setup instructions for the Mozilla VR Kit

If you want to demo the WebVR technology with the available demos and have the hardware for it, here are the instructions you need to follow to do it yourself.

Starting the demoing

If everything is set up, just start the demo sessions.

Single session

Demoing steps for a single person.

Demoing tips and best practices

Learn how to do the demoing nice and smooth.

Setup WebVR from scratch

If your laptop was wiped out clean or when you want to setup everything from scratch on a new one.

Setup offline demos from scratch

Offline-friendly demos load faster and don't need Internet connection to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

If someone ask a question during demoing, the answer will probably be here. If not, then fork this page on GitHub and add it, so we can try and answer it.

Why do I need an Oculus Rift? Will you add support for other headsets?
The Oculus Rift DK2 is currently the best-supported headset for WebVR development. Limited support for mobile browsers is possible with WebVR Boilerplate, but the Rift has greater capabilities (eg positional tracking), better performance, etc. Support for other headsets like the HTC Vive is coming soon.
Is there a WebVR spec?
Yes. A draft of the spec is available here.
Can I build CSS VR websites?
We are working on enabling CSS VR websites in future builds of Firefox. Currently Firefox supports WebGL VR sites only.
What do I need to get started?
Grab Firefox Nightly and the WebVR Add-On from MozVR.com!
Is Mozilla planning on building a dedicated VR browser?
We're always creating new VR experiments, especially for basic interactions like entering URLs, loading pages, etc. Currently the best way to experience WebVR is with a desktop browser like Firefox.
Why do I need an add-on?
The WebVR Add-On enables WebVR and disables multiprocess browsing (E10S), a new feature which is currently incompatible with WebVR. Once you have installed Firefox Nightly, open it, install the Add-On, and then follow the prompt to restart the browser.
Can I build my own sites?
Yes! And it's tons of fun. Start by grabbing some of the various boilerplate examples available: WebVR Boilerplate or WebVR Starter Kit.
The demos run slow or choppy for me. How can I improve performance?
See the VR setup tips on MozVR.com. VR is a very new technology, and a few settings can make the difference between a smooth or choppy experience.
Why do I need Firefox Nightly? Can I use standard desktop Firefox?
VR web support is very new, and we want to test it thoroughly before we ship to all Firefox users. Our intention is to ship VR support in standard desktop Firefox as soon as it's ready.
Can I use Firefox for Android?
Yes, Nightly builds of Firefox for Android now support WebVR. The current implementation is rough and will evolve over time. Feedback is welcome!
Can I use other browsers?
Yes, in addition to VR-enabled Firefox, MozVR.com also works with experimental VR-enabled builds of Chromium being created by Brandon Jones of the Chrome team. No other browsers currently support WebVR, but we're hopeful that they will start experimenting as well.


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