Grant for the Web program awardees

List of creators awarded with a grant from the Grant for the Web program.

Announced Name Type Description Topics Projects
September 15, 2020 Distributed Media Lab Awardee Distributed Media Lab (DML) is an open web content distribution platform. content
  • New DML platform capabilities will harness Web Monetization and the AMP framework to power distributed reader revenue across a network of participating publishers. This decentralized approach will empower publishers to harness the natural scalability of the open web.
  • With funding from Grant for the Web, DML is building on Web Monetization and the AMP framework with a goal to encourage broader industry adoption and development toward a more sustainable news publishing industry.
July 20, 2020 Akintunde Sultan Bolaji Ambassador Building a community in Africa for Web Monetization. devrel
  • Introduce Web Monetization to the developer community in Africa, and help make Web Monetization a well-known concept in the Africa Developer Ecosystem.
  • Create tutorials, workshops, and work with various programming language experts in Africa to continue to simplify the process of using Web Monetization.
  • Produce features on DevCareer’s Mini CV page, that will allow new users to easily test out their payment pointer.
July 10, 2020 Jesse von Doom Ambassador Founder of CASH Music returns with a new project called Substation to explore community and membership business models for creators. music
  • Research around not just the mechanisms of pull payments, but how they can be used interchangeably and side by side with credit card payment workflows. The specific goal of this research would be to find a payment flow abstraction that would provide as close to a single functional workflow to handle the various steps of payment logic for CC and Interledger Protocol payments in between user input.
  • Proof-of-concept UX examples that implement findings from the research. These would give a real-world example of how recurring open web payments could feel in workflows similar to, or even alongside more traditional payment networks. The goal is to build something tangible that can serve as a first step towards a plug-and-play library for including fast and reliable membership sign-ups in any project, all built on top of the Interledger protocol.
  • Planning the integration of Interledger Protocol pull payments into the core Substation product. This would happen in public after research, code, and writing work has been published to leverage a broad spectrum of perspectives in the community at large.
  • Work with the Grant for the Web program team to improve the program and grow the openly networked Web Monetization ecosystem.
July 6, 2020 Enclave Games Awardee Enclave Games to innovate in web monetized indie game development with new games, documentation, and the js13kGames competition. gamedev
  • Create and release three new hyper-casual HTML5 games that will experiment with creative ways to reward web monetized players while providing open documentation and tutorials about the creation of these games for other developers to do the same.
  • Write and publish "Building Tiny Games With Phaser" eBook which will be available to read online for free and contain a chapter about Web Monetization.
  • Run a Gamedev.js survey which will explore current monetization options developers use
  • Feature a Web Monetization category in the js13kGames 2020 competition.
June 11, 2020 Defold Awardee Defold to add support for the Web Monetization standard in HTML5 games created using the Defold game engine. gamedev
  • Integrate Web Monetization into the Defold game engine and Defold editor
  • Host a game jam to encourage developers to try building a game with Web Monetization
  • Produce a sample web game with full Web Monetization support to demonstrate best practices
  • Write templates, manuals, and other documentation to educate game developers
May 21, 2020 Coronavirus Tech Handbook Awardee World’s largest library for COVID-19 response is a crowdsourced handbook demonstrating innovative use of the Web Monetization API. doc
  • Coronavirus Tech Handbook will provide a dynamic case study for how web monetized JoeDocs can help financially sustain community relief efforts
  • Coronavirus Tech Handbook & JoeDocs will conduct user research to better understand what features a community handbook needs
  • JoeDocs will Integrate Web Monetization for handbooks
May 21, 2020 DEV Awardee DEV partners with Grant for the Web to drive innovation around open standards in Web Monetization. blog
  • Run a DEV x Grant for the Web community hackathon
  • Implement a payment pointer on to serve as a key open-source example of the technology
  • Enable DEV authors to add their own payment pointer
  • Drive quality submissions to Grant for the Web's public Call for Proposals
May 21, 2020 Hui Jing Chen & Cris Beasley Ambassador Grant for the Web Ambassadors pave the way for indie content creators to generate online revenue without third parties taking a cut. devrel, art
  • HJ Chen will be implementing Web Monetization on her website via Coil and documenting the entire experience and takeaways for others who wish to do the same. Her efforts will support the local tech community in Singapore by using the funds to sponsor community meetups as well as the local volunteer group, Engineers.SG.
  • Cris will explore the relationship between incentivization, revenue generation and Web Monetization through a digital art project called the Becoming Dragon Card Deck. Comprised of a set of cards and a guidebook, this original content will form the basis of Cris’ exploration to discover compelling ways to interact with her audience through web monetized content.
May 21, 2020 Free Music Archive Awardee Free Music Archive to develop new online business models based on open standards, supporting access to royalty free music. music
  • Relaunch FMA services with Web Monetization included
  • Develop use cases and valuable insights based on research conducted with creators and visitors to FMA
  • Engage in community outreach and training on their updated platform
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