Gamedev Phaser Content Kit

Demos with the source code available for every step

This Content Kit is based on the workshop materials and is hosted on GitHub. The latest set of demos can be found there, but they are also stored in this Content Kit as a backup, so you don't have to download multiple resources for your talk or workshop.

Here's the list of the code examples:

  1. Initialize the framework
  2. Scaling
  3. Load the assets and print them on screen
  4. Move the ball
  5. Physics
  6. Bounce off the walls
  7. Player paddle and controls
  8. Game over
  9. Build the brick field
  10. Collision detection
  11. The score
  12. Win the game
  13. Extra lives
  14. Animations and tweens
  15. Buttons
  16. Randomizing gameplay

There are no particular requirements for the demos - all you need is a fairly decent browser to run them.

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